NPC Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) is committed to creating a more welcoming, inclusive Panhellenic community, including addressing racism and racial injustice in our community. As part of that commitment, the NPC Board of Directors has outlined these considerations:  

  1. Our organizations do not reflect the diversity that our Panhellenic communities hope to achieve. As a community, we don’t make ourselves broadly attractive to women of color and we have too often fallen short in supporting our Black and Brown sisters.
  2. We believe that we must consider—and change—the systems and norms within the Panhellenic community that have historically benefited and centered the experiences of white women and women of privilege, more generally.
  3. As a Panhellenic community, we have an obligation and responsibility to empower our members and volunteers and to openly discuss race and racial injustice.

In the near term, addressing these considerations will likely mean difficult and meaningful conversations, the creation of new resources and a commitment to support and work with College Panhellenics. In the long term, it will require critical conversations with our Black and Brown sisters, as well as those who advocate for and support them, in order to develop and implement new approaches, policies, agreements and expectations.

The Board of Directors is now working with the NPC staff, among many others, to develop next steps and action items.

This page will be updated to keep you informed of our efforts.


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