Consulting Team Visit

The purpose of a Consulting Team Visit depends on the specific needs of your College Panhellenic. Visits range from developing recruitment marketing plans to restructuring officer duties to building Panhellenic spirit to planning for successful extension. You also can request a general review of all areas of Panhellenic operation.

Teams are selected to meet a campus’s needs. Those campuses with 10 or more chapters will have four team members and those with less than 10 chapters will have two team members. We do our best to ensure that your area advisor is part of the team.

The length of the visit depends on the needs of the Panhellenic and generally is two to four days.

Requesting a Team Visit

  • The College Panhellenic votes to bring a consulting team to campus with approval of the Panhellenic advisor.
  • The College Panhellenic votes on three prioritized dates (each spanning two to four days) the team could visit.
  • The College Panhellenic completes the Consulting Team Visit Request Form and sends the completed form and supporting documents to the NPC area advisor and to the director of operations at the NPC office. Documents can be sent via email or mail.


Expenses of the visit are the responsibility of the College Panhellenic. Cost includes transportation, food and lodging for the team members and a consulting fee. The consulting fee is $125 per NPC chapter on campus.


Send the completed request form to your National Panhellenic Conference area advisor and the director of operations at the NPC office. Please note all requests for the spring are due by Oct. 31 and all requests for the fall are due by April 1.