NPC Staff

The National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) staff is charged with daily operational tasks to help carry out NPC’s purpose, mission and vision.

All staff members work together closely with each other and NPC volunteers to accomplish the work of the Conference. They are divided into teams by operational specialty to more effectively facilitate that work.

The majority of the staff members work in the NPC office based in Indianapolis.

Staff members are listed below by team and role. Click on the the individual’s picture or name for a more complete job description.

Dani Weatherford

Chief Executive Officer

Lynn Ducat

Lynn Ducat

Operations Specialist

Contact Lynn for general NPC questions

Panhellenics Team

Jenny Greyerbiehl

Chief Operating Officer

Contact Jenny for NPC volunteer opportunities and support

Gretchen Foran

Director of Panhellenic Support and Education

Contact Gretchen for overarching College Panhellenic Association support as well as Panhellenic education initiatives

Jamison Carson

Panhellenic Support Specialist

Contact Jamison for questions regarding Alumnae Panhellenics and College Panhellenics in Mid-America South and the Southeast

Julie Goldberg

Panhellenic Support Specialist

Contact Julie for questions regarding College Panhellenics in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic

Hannah Meador

Hannah Meador

Panhellenic Support Specialist

Contact Hannah for questions regarding College Panhellenics in the Mid-America North and West

Marketing Team

Loretta Good

Chief Marketing Officer

Contact Loretta for NPC communications and marketing initiatives