Outstanding Alumnae Panhellenic Winner
Phoenix Panhellenic Association

Photograph by Phoenix Panhellenic Association

Harriett Macht Outstanding
Alumnae Panhellenic Award

Biennial Award Sponsored by Delta Phi Epsilon

This award is given to an Alumnae Panhellenic, and two representatives from that group will receive registration, travel and meal expenses to the 2017 National Panhellenic Conference annual meeting. An Alumnae Panhellenic may nominate itself, or the area coordinator may nominate one or more outstanding Alumnae Panhellenics in her area.

Alumnae Panhellenics must meet the criteria for all active groups to be eligible for the Alumnae Panhellenic awards. These include basic functions such as paying dues on time, submitting reports by the deadlines and ensuring that bylaws and other official documents are on file with both the area coordinator and the NPC office. An eligible Alumnae Panhellenic should also actively communicate with its area coordinator.

Outstanding Alumnae Panhellenic Documents

Citations of Merit and Programming Excellence Awards

In some categories, special awards will recognize outstanding Alumnae Panhellenic achievement in specific functions. These fall under areas such as programming, College Panhellenic relations and recruitment information events. Area coordinators submit these nominations, which are evaluated based on the group’s award application (if submitted) and/or the information provided by the area coordinator. Information for these nominations will also come from the annual report.

Award for New Alumnae Panhellenics

To recognize recently chartered Alumnae Panhellenics, NPC will give an award to outstanding new groups, as well. New Alumnae Panhellenics would constitute groups that have chartered within the last four years. New Alumnae Panhellenics may self-nominate by submitting an awards application, or area coordinators may submit nominations with some input from the Panhellenic support specialist based on interactions with these groups through the chartering process when applicable.


Congratulations to the 2015-16 Alumnae Panhellenic award winners! To see a list of winners, view the press release.