Officer Tool Kit

The National Panhellenic Conference provides many resources for College Panhellenic officers. The area advisor is your primary contact and supports you in many ways. She provides updates of NPC activities, communicates regularly with her campuses and is eager to be of assistance. The NPC office sends several mailings each year to College Panhellenics in order to provide current NPC information and news, along with the latest College Panhellenics updates.


For any campus interested in organizing a College Panhellenic on your campus. Please contact the NPC Office, or 317-872-3185.

Communications/Public Relations


Judicial Procedure

  • Unanimous Agreement VII
  • Judicial procedure infographic
  • College Panhellenic Violation Report - (PDF)
  • College Panhellenic Infraction Notice - (PDF)
  • College Panhellenic Mediation Summary Report - (PDF
  • College Panhellenic Judicial Board Hearing Summary Report - (PDF)
  • College Panhellenic Judicial Board Hearing Minutes - (PDF)
  • College Panhellenic Appeal Notice - (PDF)