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Extension Information

The National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) welcomes your interest in establishing and/or expanding the sorority experience on your campus. For more than 150 years, the sorority experience has been an important part of higher education, enriching the academic life of those women choosing to participate as collegians. The benefits of sorority membership reach beyond the undergraduate experience, with research establishing that this commitment made at the collegiate level positively impacts lifetime giving and contribution to one’s alma mater and enhances our members’ social capital within their communities.

The NPC Extension Committee acts as the clearinghouse for both colleges and NPC groups by monitoring the development and/or extension of Panhellenic communities according to NPC extension protocol. This protocol is based on binding agreements followed by all 26 NPC member groups. It is critical to note that NPC groups will colonize only at appropriately accredited, bachelor degree-granting colleges and universities if permission has been granted by what we term the “Proper Authority.” The identity of the Proper Authority depends on the particular situation and is described more fully in the materials available for download. The NPC Extension Committee serves to verify that the Proper Authority has granted permission and is also available to advise and assist in the various approaches of establishing chapters of NPC member groups. As you begin the extension process, it's important to understand the basic terminology. Please download the Glossary of Terms for more information.

The materials will serve as your step-by-step guide as you evaluate whether campus conditions are right for extension and determine the appropriate course of action at each step in the process. On behalf of the NPC Extension Committee, I encourage you to contact us if further assistance is required.

Carole Jones, Extension Chairman

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I am an officer of, or advisor to, an existing campus Panhellenic that is considering adding another NPC group.
I am a member of a local sorority/interest group that would like to pursue affiliation with an NPC group.
I am an administrator at a college/university that currently has no NPC groups, but is considering adding NPC groups to enhance student life
I am an individual seeking to bring an NPC chapter onto my campus.
I am a parent assisting my daughter in exploring her options for NPC group membership.
I am a member of the public/press seeking to understand the NPC extension process.

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