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Sponsored Programs

College Panhellenic Academy

College Panhellenic Academy is an NPC program designed to equip College Panhellenic officers and advisors with the most up-to-date Panhellenic knowledge, helping to ensure the success of College Panhellenics throughout the U.S. and Canada. This day-and-a-half-long academy will provide the opportunity for hands-on training with NPC representatives, allowing attendees to refocus their commitment to NPC values and in turn, shape their sorority communities.

"Something of Value"

"Something of Value" is an initiative solely of the National Panhellenic Conference with support from the National Panhellenic Conference Foundation. It is a values-based approach to risk-management education for collegians. The day-long program is led by a traveling team of NPC representatives and an attorney with NPC affiliation. Program format includes a mock trial and a discussion of values and bystander behavior. Participants identify risky behaviors such as abusive relationships, substance abuse, academic dishonesty, eating disorders, financial mismanagement, hazing, harassment, personal safety concerns and other issues specific to their campus environment. Action plans are developed and collegians are empowered to follow-through. Contributions to "Something of Value" support presentations from coast to coast.