NPC’s ‘Call for Critical Change’

As the premier advocacy and support organization for the sorority experience, the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) is committed to working with our Panhellenic communities to lead the way for the type of necessary social change required to improve student safety. And, in light of changing campus climates across the United States and Canada, NPC believes sororities are at an existential juncture.

As a result, NPC issued a “Call for Critical Change” and took action by convening industry-leading professionals on Jan. 11, 2018, in Indianapolis.

Holiday (Holly) McKiernan, executive vice president, chief operating officer, and general counsel for Lumina Foundation and former executive director of Alpha Chi Omega, who facilitated the meeting said:

“Changing student cultures at this scale requires an unprecedented level of collaboration and cooperation between student leaders, university officials and fraternity and sorority advisors. And our ability to achieve such seamless cooperation will require an unprecedented level of candor and open discussion amongst our participants. The roots of these challenges are deep, but they can be overcome, and our goal is to create a collaborative approach for doing so.”

More information about the ‘Call for Critical Change’ appears below. As additional actions are taken, NPC will update this page.

Actions and Follow-up:

  • Potential New Member Orientation program launched in conjunction with LaunchPoint. More information.
  • Re-convened “Call for Critical Change” participants in June 2018. The conference call focused on ways NPC and our Panhellenic women could play a constructive and responsive role in their campus communities regarding diversity issues and cultural appropriation.
  • NPC Student Advisory Committee formed with meetings to be held quarterly, beginning August 2018. Read the news release.
  • Strengthened connections between campus administrators and NPC member organization personnel by sharing key contact information. An updated list was distributed in September 2018.
  • Developed and launched the new Be Bold program to help women explore important topics affecting their lives and talk about the real things happening on their campus. NPC’s goal is to spark conversations among women, help them be more self-assured and inspire them to lead the way for culture change on their campus. Read the news release.
  • Launched the redesigned NPC “Something of Value” program to help women become more engaged advocates in the fight against dangerous campus cultures. The program is a full-day interactive community building experience that helps College Panhellenic communities build capacity, relationships and influence in addressing risky situations in their community. Read the news release.

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